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Who Are We?

Keweenaw Outdoor Recreation Coalition (KORC) brings together individuals, businesses, and outdoor recreation, conservation, and community organizations to secure permanent public access to at-risk land in the Keweenaw.  Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, from resource professionals and hospitality workers to students and retirees.  All manner of outdoor enthusiast is involved because we are all concerned with what is at stake—the potential loss or degradation of the vast landscapes found in the heart of the Keweenaw Peninsula.  It is not just forestland that could be lost.  At risk is our way of life.

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Nathan Miller

Whether you are a powder hound on skis or a hunter that values well-managed and undeveloped forests, protecting the Keweenaw's at-risk landscapes is vital if we are to preserve our local traditions.  The loss or fragmentation of critical landscapes and recreation infrastructure effects us all.  It is for this reason that we have united to stand up for our entire community. By bringing together groups under our umbrella, the Keweenaw Outdoor Recreation Coalition can speak with one voice to better advocate for our shared interests.

We welcome all interested groups and individuals to attend our monthly Steering Committee meetings. The Steering Committee has over 20 members representing many local clubs and organizations, local municipalities, conservation groups, environmental researchers, and much more.

Our Founding Committee members are:

Ben Ciavola

Peg Kauppi

Don Kauppi

Evan McDonald

Mike McMahon

Nathan Miller

Gina Nicholas

Rich Probst

Sam Raymond

Aaron Rogers

Jon Schubbe 

Jim Vivian III​

Erika Vye

We encourage you to join us in our efforts to secure permanent, local control over our community's future.  Toegther we can decide how our community's natural and recreational resources are managed and utilized.  

Join or donate to KORC today!

The Keweenaw Outdoor Recreation Coalition (KORC) is a Michigan DBA of the Keweenaw Community Forest Company (KCFC), a Michigan 501(c)(3) Corporation. KORC operates as a separate division and has its own checking and savings accounts. For more information about KCFC, please visit

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