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Whether you live or vacation here, the Keweenaw is a magnificent place for all outdoor recreation enthusiasts. Our vast undeveloped landscape hosts few roads or subdivisions, miles of motorized and non-motorized trails, abundant wildlife, sparkling inland lakes, winding rivers and rugged Lake Superior shoreline – but our land is not our own. This incredible place is under threat, for sale, and vulnerable to fragmentation.


We need to act immediately to secure permanent public access and community management for at-risk land in Keweenaw County.  


We need your support if we are to effectively advocate to government agencies at the State level for the resources needed to make this dream a reality.  The more public support we can show in favor of protecting our shared landscapes, the more powerful our voice becomes.  Donate or join KORC as a founding member today to add your name to the growing list of people who believe our community's backyard shouldn't be controlled by corporate interests.

No matter the amount, every dollar helps. Make your membership donation using the online form or by downloading the print-ready form at the link and mailing it in. 

Memberships for the Keweenaw Outdoor Recreation Coalition:

$20 - Individuals

$100 - Organizations & Businesses

Download a KORC membership form here.

Please send your donations to:

Keweenaw Outdoor Recreation Coalition, PO Box 300, Mohawk, MI 49950